EatThisMuch – This one is pretty simple.  Tell it how much you want to eat, what you want to eat, and it will create a diet for you.

Photographic Height/Weight Chart – People send in pics of themselves along with a list of their height and weight.  It’s a nice tool to help visualize where you’re at and where you ought to be.

Calorie Calculator – This is the big one.  It’s more of a blunt tool than a sharp scalpel, but if you’re very overweight it should be one of your first stops along the way to getting healthy.

Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition – A very concise chart detailing what to eat and when, based on what sort of workout you choose.  Print it out and carry it around in your back pocket if you must.

NomNomPaleo – Lots of great recipes for the Paleo chef.

ArtofManliness – How to be a man… in case nobody ever told you how.